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About CrossMod™

We believe that everyone deserves a chance to achieve the dream of homeownership, which is why we helped develop a new category of homes called CrossMod™. This new category of off-site built homes is an industry movement to offer a more attainable alternative to site-built homes for families across America.

CrossMod™ is a trademark of the Manufactured Housing Institute

CrossMod™ Features

The CrossMod™ class of homes offers features typically associated with site-built housing.

  • Permanent Foundation icon

    Permanent Foundation

  • Elevated Roof Pitch icon

    Elevated Roof Pitch

  • Covered Porch/ Garage/ Carport icon

    Covered Porch/ Garage/ Carport

  • Drywall Interiors icon

    Drywall Interiors

  • Enhanced Cabinets icon

    Enhanced Cabinets

  • Energy Efficient Standards icon

    Energy Efficient Standards

Quality and Innovation

Closing the Gap

CrossMod™ is bridging the gap between off-site built homes and on-site built homes by combining the features of both. With CrossMod™ you get a quality home built indoors in a home building facility, with the potential for it to appraise similarly to an on-site built home, creating the opportunity to increase your property value over time.

For the first time in industry history, CrossMod™ homes are combining the best features of off-site built homes with aesthetics and features typically seen in site-built housing, making homeownership more attainable.

The unique features of the CrossMod™ design allows the homes to be appraised like site-built homes.

  • Permanent foundation
  • Elevated roof pitch
  • All drywall interiors
  • Porch, garage or carport

With the construction and aesthetic requirements of CrossMod™ homes, homeowners have the potential to qualify for more traditional financing options. CrossMod™ homes also can appraise similarly to traditional on-site built housing, giving the possibility of increased property value over time.

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To learn more about special mortgage loan financing programs available for CrossMod™ homes, visit the links below.

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